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The Army Lacrosse Association (ALA) provides infrastructure and opportunity for anyone in the Army  to get involved in the sport, from novice through to International level.

The ALA’s mission is to encourage, support and organise lacrosse throughout the Army at all levels, increasing membership and participation of Lacrosse in the Army in order to build and develop teamwork and leadership in line with the Army’s Values and Standards.

Lacrosse in the UK is one of the fastest growing sports with over 200,000 participating annually and over 200 clubs.  Army Lacrosse in turn is growing, both the Men’s and Women’s teams are currently Inter-Services Champions and the ALA is now focussing on the novice set up.  It is a fast paced, athletic and skilful game and the ALA welcomes and encourages anyone to come and join us.


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  • President – Vacant
  • Chair – Capt Dan Murphy
  • Operations Manager – Vacant
  • Treasurer – Vacant
  • Lead Men – Maj Nick Wright
  • Lead Women – Pte Claudia bea
  • QM/ COVID Officer – LCpl Richie Ridings
  • PR – Lt Matthew Rudge